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Government Announces Interim Fire Safety Funding for Celtic Tiger-Era Apartments

A significant development, Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien has introduced a new interim fire safety funding scheme for owners of Celtic Tiger-era apartments. The initiative aims to provide immediate assistance to the owners of up to 100,000 affected buildings while a comprehensive State support program is being finalised. Interim Fire Safety Measures Scheme: Immediate Relief […]

AOCA Engineering Consultants were appointed as Design Lead and Project Manager on this £9m Fire Safety and Cladding Remediation project in the U.K.

NORTHERN IRELAND remediation specialist, Anamore, has completed a £9m cladding remediation and fire compliance project at the Orchard Plaza apartment complex in Poole, Dorset. The 13-storey apartment building remediation works were carried out in three phases. Externally, this consisted of the removal of non-compliant ACM and HPL panels, along with all combustible elements behind the […]

Unfortunate news for homeowners as the wait prolongs for apartment defects remediation until later in 2024.

Unfortunate news for homeowners as legislative hurdles prolong the wait for apartment defects remediation until later in 2024. Deputy Duncan Smith recently sought clarification from the Minister for Housing, Local Government, and Heritage regarding the anticipated timeline for the draft legislation supporting the remediation of defects in apartments and duplexes constructed between 1991 and 2013. […]

The Urgent Need for Modular Housing to address the Crisis in Ireland

Addressing the Housing Crisis with Modular Housing In the midst of Ireland’s ongoing housing crisis, there is a pressing need for innovative solutions that can swiftly tackle the growing problem. The Engineers Ireland Conference highlights an approach gaining momentum – modular housing. The Efficiency of Modular Housing The shortage of affordable housing has reached a […]

Celtic Tiger Apartment Defects: Repair Plan Eligibility & Timeline

The Prevalence of Apartment and Duplex Issues (1991-2013) Between 1991 and 2013, 50% to 80% of apartments and duplexes were built with significant problems, such as those pertaining to fire safety, structural defects, and water ingress. Government Action to Address the Problems The Minister for Housing and Heritage, Darragh O’Brien, has received government approval to […]

Embracing a Sustainable Cladding Alternative

  As environmental concerns drive a seismic shift toward sustainability in the construction industry, the significance of a sustainable cladding alternative emerges prominently. Choosing the right cladding for building exteriors is pivotal for achieving eco-friendly construction practices. Today, the need for a sustainable cladding alternative goes beyond optional consideration; it is an unequivocal necessity, underpinned […]

Retrofitting Buildings for a Sustainable Future

In the face of escalating urbanisation and climate change, reducing urban carbon emissions has emerged as a pressing imperative. An effective strategy in this endeavour is retrofitting buildings for a sustainable future, a process that optimises existing structures to be more energy-efficient and environmentally responsible. Why Retrofitting Matters: Retrofitting buildings involves enhancing insulation, upgrading heating […]


We at AOCA Ltd. are delighted to announce that we have been granted full planning permission for Shalom Media Ireland for the construction of a new recording studio inclusive of offices and a chapel at Lismard Business Park, Portlaoise, Co. Laois