AOCA Engineering Consultants were appointed as Design Lead and Project Manager on this £9m Fire Safety and Cladding Remediation project in the U.K.

NORTHERN IRELAND remediation specialist, Anamore, has completed a £9m cladding remediation and fire compliance project at the Orchard Plaza apartment complex in Poole, Dorset. The 13-storey apartment building remediation works were carried out in three phases. Externally, this consisted of the removal of non-compliant ACM and HPL panels, along with all combustible elements behind the existing façade. This was all attainable through a complex scaffolding system erected on site, which was wrapped in non-combustible monoflex to help ensure the integrity of the building throughout the duration of the project. Working with the client’s design team lead by AOCA Engineering Consultants, the design and installation of the non-combustible cladding system was finalised. Anamore used A1 rated construction materials and the final design incorporated Vitradual aluminium rainscreen panels and the Vitrafix carrier system by Valcan, weather defence external sheathing board, EPDM, Effisus breather membrane, Rainscreen Duo Slab external wall insulation and the full implementation of Siderise cavity barriers. Fire Compliance Internally, the fire compliance works entailed the refurbishment of all internal fire door sets throughout the apartment complex and replacement of a number of others. The communal areas and apartment lobby areas required full “above ceiling” fire compartmentation works. Due to the makeup of the building having an old structural clay pot system, all penetrations from floor to floor such as SVPs required the install of fire/ smoke resistant seals at each point. All communal hallway ceilings were replaced with a new Kemwell suspended fire rated ceiling system, complete with above ceiling fire barriers in each apartment. The intrusiveness of these works having to be conducted with residents in situ was far from easy, the team said. It took a full team effort with constant tenant liaison ensuring works could be conducted in a prompt manner to best suit all involved with as minimal disruption as possible. James McCallan, Co-Founder & Director of Anamore, said: “We are passionate about finishing work to the highest quality, ensuring that homeowners can return to their properties with the knowledge and peace of mind that their property is safe and compliant to all current regulations. The project took a total of 22 months to complete which was both on time and on budget. We had a brilliant working relationship with the Client’s Design Team Lead by Aidan O’Connell from AOCA Engineering Consultants, this ensured a pro-active and open-minded approach to every element of the works”. “As we enter 2024, we’re projecting a significant increase in remedial works as the requirements on developers through the building safety repairs pledge come into force, and the governments Building Safety Fund being rolled out as part of the Building Safety Programme.”