Government Announces Interim Fire Safety Funding for Celtic Tiger-Era Apartments

A significant development, Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien has introduced a new interim fire safety funding scheme for owners of Celtic Tiger-era apartments. The initiative aims to provide immediate assistance to the owners of up to 100,000 affected buildings while a comprehensive State support program is being finalised.

Interim Fire Safety Measures Scheme: Immediate Relief for Apartment Owners

Earlier this year, the minister secured Cabinet approval for a €2.5 billion scheme addressing historic fire safety issues and defects in apartments constructed between 1991 and 2013. However, due to the sheer scale of the issue, a code of practice recommended the implementation of interim measures as a short-term solution.

The Interim Fire Safety Measures Scheme, open for applications now, is administered nationwide by the Housing Agency. Apartment Owner Management Companies (OMCs) can apply through the housing agency’s website. This scheme fully funds interim measures, such as fire alarm upgrades and ensuring safe escape routes, providing an acceptable level of fire safety while awaiting completion of full remedial works.

Comprehensive Remedial Works and Future Legislation

Full remedial works, encompassing necessary fire safety measures, water ingress solutions, and structural repairs, will be funded under a statutory scheme set to be legislated for next year. The Department is actively drafting the necessary legislation.

Minister O’Brien emphasised that the interim measures represent an essential next step in addressing defects, guaranteeing the long-term safety of apartment residents across Ireland. He expressed gratitude to homeowners and their representatives, whose insights played a crucial role in shaping the scheme.

Construction Defects Alliance Applauds Progress

The Construction Defects Alliance hailed the scheme’s opening as a significant step forward in resolving issues affecting Celtic Tiger-era apartments. The scheme prompts Owner Management Companies to commission fire safety risk assessments, paving the way for interim works in developments where assessments have already been conducted.

At the request of the Construction Defects Alliance, the Interim Fire Safety Measures Scheme includes making escape routes safe, ensuring proper lighting, and eliminating obstacles. This ensures the safety of residents in complexes where escape routes may be compromised.

Upon a valid application, the Housing Agency will assign a case number within seven to ten working days. An Applicant Pack will follow, providing detailed information on subsequent stages.

Discover more about the Interim Fire Safety Measures Scheme and complete the Interim Remediation Scheme Application Form thoroughly.

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