Celtic Tiger Apartment Defects: Repair Plan Eligibility & Timeline

Celtic Tiger Apartment Defects

The Prevalence of Apartment and Duplex Issues (1991-2013)

Between 1991 and 2013, 50% to 80% of apartments and duplexes were built with significant problems, such as those pertaining to fire safety, structural defects, and water ingress.

Government Action to Address the Problems

The Minister for Housing and Heritage, Darragh O’Brien, has received government approval to create a new law to help fix these issues in apartments and duplexes built during this time. This law will establish a formal plan to address these problems and ensure the safety and well-being of people living in these properties.

Eligibility Criteria for the Repair Plan

Who is eligible for this plan? Apartments and duplexes built between 1991 and 2013 qualify for this assistance. The plan will cover the cost of repairing:

  • Fire safety issues.
  • Structural safety issues.
  • Water ingress defects.

Conditions for Plan Coverage

However, the plan only applies if these problems happened because of faulty design, poor workmanship, or materials that did not meet the requirements of the Building Regulations in place when the properties were constructed.

Commencement Date and Approval Process

If you commenced addressing fire safety issues to your apartment or duplex after January 18, 2023, you can be part of this plan. It is expected to be in operation by 2024, pending the approval process. Certain conditions must be met, including approval from local fire authorities before starting the work. This is to make sure that fire safety improvements are not delayed while waiting for the plan to begin. More details about this process are currently being worked out, and additional information will be available soon.

Responsibility of Owners’ Management Companies

Owners’ Management Companies are responsible for arranging repairs in the shared areas of apartments and duplexes. Regardless of the plan, the responsibility for fire safety remains with those who control the property, as outlined in the Fire Services Acts.

Reporting and Assistance

If you suspect or discover fire safety, structural, or water ingress issues in your apartment or duplex, homeowners should initially contact their Owners’ Management Companies (OMCs). The OMC should then employ an Engineer to inspect the building.

Get in Touch for Assistance

If you believe your property has a defect, please reach out to us at aoca.ie or call our Dublin Office on 01 4243035 or Portlaoise Office on 057 8663244 for assistance. We have extensive experience addressing such issues across Ireland and the UK.