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Latent Defects Insurance

Latent Defects are hidden errors or faults in construction not immediately apparent. Latent Defects Insurance (LDI) protects against such defects up to 10 years after completion, bridging gaps in traditional construction insurance. AOCA advises clients to consider LDI for long-term stability. CIF guidelines provide more insight. When it comes to construction and engineering projects, risks […]

International Women In Engineering Day 2023

  This International Women In Engineering Day 2023, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of women engineers around the globe and recognise their significant contributions to the industry. At AOCA, we’re proud to highlight the work of our esteemed women engineers who play a critical role in our team. Pamela Weldon: Pioneering CAD Management As our […]

Why You Need a Structural Survey When Buying a House

  Are you on the hunt for a new home? It’s an exciting journey, filled with dreams of the future. However, one crucial step in this process is conducting a thorough inspection of your potential investment. Here, we dive into why this procedure, also known as a structural survey, is non-negotiable when purchasing a property. […]

Why You Need A Structural Engineer For Your New Home Build

The importance of a structural engineer in the construction process cannot be overstated. These professionals are at the heart of ensuring the longevity and safety of your new home. 1. Safety Assurance At the core of a structural engineer’s role is the assurance of safety. They possess a deep understanding of the principles of physics […]

Using AI in Assessing Damage in Reinforced Concrete Structures

      Using AI in Assessing Damage in Reinforced Concrete Structures       Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing many industries, and the field of engineering is no exception. In a recent Engineers Ireland article, the potential of AI in assessing damage in reinforced concrete structures is explored. Cracks in reinforced concrete can threaten […]

5 Simple Steps To Detect Pyrite In Your Home

5 Simple Steps to Detect Pyrite in Your Home What is Pyrite? Pyrite, a naturally occurring mineral found in stone, can cause significant structural issues in homes. It’s important for homeowners to be aware of the signs of pyrite damage to catch it early and mitigate any potential harm. If you’re concerned about pyrite in […]

World Environment Day: Embracing Sustainable Practices

On World Environment Day, we take a moment to reflect on the significant role that engineering plays in the global movement towards environmental sustainability. At AOCA Engineering Consultants, we’re deeply committed to aligning our practices with this vital cause, continually striving to incorporate and promote sustainable solutions across all our projects. One of our core […]

Aidan O’Connell’s Engineering Journey: An Exclusive Podcast Feature

Chartered Engineer Aidan O’Connell’s engineering journey has been discussed while he recently appeared on the Engineers Ireland podcast. Dusty Rhodes, the host, engaged Aidan in an enlightening discussion. As the Managing Director of AOCA, Aidan shared the story of his captivating journey into the world of engineering. His encounter with pyrite in 2006 marked a […]

Join The Team

Positions Available As a rapidly expanding firm, we are currently seeking highly motivated and skilled professionals to join our team in Portlaoise & Dublin. We have exciting opportunities available for a Building Surveyor with a strong background in project management and property assessment, a Structural Engineer with expertise in structural engineering and design, and a […]