5 Simple Steps To Detect Pyrite In Your Home

5 Simple Steps to Detect Pyrite in Your Home

What is Pyrite?

Pyrite, a naturally occurring mineral found in stone, can cause significant structural issues in homes. It’s important for homeowners to be aware of the signs of pyrite damage to catch it early and mitigate any potential harm. If you’re concerned about pyrite in your home, follow these five simple steps to detect its presence.

Pyrite Floor

How Do I Detect Pyrite In My Home?

1. Look for Signs of Heaving or Lifting: Pyrite can cause a phenomenon known as ‘heaving’ where the floor lifts due to the expansion of the hardcore under the floor slab. This is often more noticeable in areas with tiled flooring, as the tiles can crack or lift due to the pressure from underneath. The first step in detecting pyrite is looking for signs of uneven floors.

2. Check for Cracks in Walls and Floors: Pyrite damage is often characterized by the appearance of cracks in walls and floors. These cracks usually form diagonally and can often be seen around door frames or windows. Over time, as pyrite expands, these cracks may start small and then progressively grow larger.

3. Inspect External Walls and Pavings: Pyrite isn’t only an indoor problem. It can also cause external walls and pavings to crack. Bulging, cracks, or distortion in your external brickwork or pavements around the house can be indicative of pyrite.

4. Monitor Over Time: Pyrite damage can take time to become visible. If you suspect your home might have pyrite, monitor the potential signs over several months. A worsening of the cracking or floor lifting could be indicative of the presence of pyrite.

5. Engage a Professional Inspection: If you’ve noticed any of the above signs, it’s time to engage a professional. A Building Condition Assessment (BCA) carried out by certified engineers following the I.S. 398 standard, like our team at AOCA Engineering Consultants, can confirm if pyrite is present. We will carry out a comprehensive inspection and provide all relevant certifications associated with the inspection.

Early Detection of Pyrite

Early detection of pyrite can save homeowners a great deal of trouble and expense. Don’t ignore the signs – if you suspect pyrite, take action. Get in touch with AOCA Engineering Consultants for expert advice and thorough pyrite inspections.