Mica Crisis Continues

Mica Blockwork

In the wake of the mica crisis in Donegal, AOCA stands ready to assist and provide professional support. Mica remediation is a critical service that we offer to those affected.

The mica issue has been a significant problem for homeowners in Donegal and beyond. With as many as 2,500 homeowners potentially set to take part in what is likened to a class-action type case, the need for expert advice and assistance is more important than ever. AOCA, with our breadth of expertise in civil and structural engineering, offers mica remediation assistance.

Our experienced team is well-versed in dealing with construction material issues, including those caused by mica. The process of mica remediation involves a thorough investigation of the property, determining the extent of the damage, and designing the necessary repairs or replacements.

In Donegal and other affected areas, homeowners are understandably distressed. We at AOCA can provide peace of mind by offering professional, reliable guidance throughout the process. Our team can assist in the preparation of necessary documentation, undertaking of safety assessments, and overseeing of remedial works to ensure they are carried out to the highest standard.

Navigating through this crisis can be a daunting task. However, AOCA’s extensive experience in dealing with structural issues and mica remediation can ensure a smoother, more manageable journey towards a solution.

For those in need of support, please reach out to us at AOCA. We’re here to provide the help that homeowners need in this challenging time, and to ensure that mica remediation is done right, offering stability and safety for the future

Link to original source: The Irish Times