Defective Block Works Crisis tackled by AOCA

Defective Block Works Scheme

At AOCA, we are delighted to announce that two of our valued team members, Aidan O’Connell and Colin Scott, are on the committee overseeing the implementation of the defective block works scheme. Their participation speaks volumes about their dedication to the highest engineering standards, crucial in managing the defective concrete block crisis in Ireland.


The Defective Block Works Scheme has been put in place to tackle the significant issue of structural damage to properties in Ireland, primarily caused by the use of defective concrete blocks containing pyrite and mica. This problem has had widespread impacts, particularly in certain counties, causing substantial stress and financial hardship for homeowners. The Scheme fully covers the counties of Donegal and Mayo, with certain electoral areas in the counties of Clare, Limerick, and Sligo also being eligible for support. This Scheme aims to provide financial assistance to affected homeowners, covering 100% of eligible remediation costs, which includes the complete removal and replacement of impacted walls in the property.


If you are affected, we strongly advise getting your property professionally assessed by an engineer registered in IS 465. Such an engineer will supervise testing and provide guidance on suitable remedial works. The resulting engineering report is a vital part of the grant application, determining the required level of intervention. At AOCA, we are well-versed in the requirements of the IS 465 standard and are equipped to assist homeowners throughout the testing, remediation, and grant application process. We aim to transform this difficult situation into a positive outcome, helping homeowners ensure their properties are safe and structurally sound.


Our involvement in the committee and our capacity to provide practical, professional support to those affected reflects our unwavering commitment to enhancing the safety and quality of Ireland’s built environment. We are here to offer clear, concise advice and top-notch engineering expertise to homeowners navigating this complex issue.